Alphabet Fishing – A Rainy Day Adventure


Today we had a “snow day”, which these days translates to more of a “potential freezing rain pity day off”. Did the kids sleep in? Of course not! Unlike every other day in their lives, the only day they could have slept in and they didn’t. Which left us with a very large window of time together on a rainy day with no place to go. So we made some fresh playdough, which was fun for a while. Then, as they moved on to their toys, a stroke of genius hit! Lets go fishing for alphabets!

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Wasteful Kids, Tasteful Smoothies


Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell..? We are standing by a wishing well.. Actually we’re not, well you may be, but I can assure you I’m no snow white. Don’t let the pale skin fool you. Or the fact that I actually feel like I’m cleaning up after and feeding 7 small men most of the time. Okay, so I might actually be snow white. Which is so off track to what I wanted to talk about. Lets start again…

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Soaking up some Sanity


I gazed upon my freckles and bruises on my legs tonight in the bath. I even pushed out my belly so far my vagina disappeared over the mountain, I grabbed my legs in big handfuls and then slunk down into my tub with a sigh staring at the specks on the ceiling of the shower. Guh, is this another thing I’m gunna have to wash..? Read More…

Dinner Time.. Fun?


I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. How I get my 3 year old to eat at dinner time. It was not too long ago at all really that dinner times were a nightmare, Dad and I each taking turns spoon feeding a 3 year old completely capable of feeding herself, as she explained to us the many reasons she would not be able to eat today. Regardless if it were her favourite meal or not, dinner time always seemed to be our problem meal.

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We took the plunge!


Anyone else out there potty training a toddler? Oh good, I’m not alone in this one. Today we began our potty training adventure. My son is just over 18 months old now and has been giving me subtle hints that he’s nearing the days of pull-ups and potties. I know nothing of studies, nor do I claim to, but in my years of mamahood I have read many-a-words of how to potty train your little one. Now it’s my turn to bestow unto you my personal experiences of potty training, both past and yikes! present.

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Moments of Slipperiness


Things always find away of getting busy. Once one holiday/birthday/event/I-need-to-just-veg-out day has passed, you’re somehow already onto the next and there’s no time to catch up. Before you have kids that passing never had such a huge impact on your life, it’s just a natural progression that you take for granted. Once you have kids life still just continues on with that constant chugging along progression of events, but for a while is still just taken for granted and you’re almost just coasting on autopilot. Then you get a few years down the line and you focus more on keeping that train going, and things start to slip. Read More…

The Art of Letting Go

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Z painting

You know what I do exceptionally well? Procrastinate. I never knew why I was so freakin’ good at it until I was diagnosed with a handful of not-so-fun-things. One of them being post partum anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder overall (alright I guess that’s two.) Did you know that procrastination is a big part of anxiety? The fear of not doing well, of being judged, of not knowing where to start – it all stems from it and just paralyzes me with fear. So, I put things off. I procrastinate. Like writing my first post here. And I run to the kitchen and make myself something smothered with nutella.

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Let’s Talk


Tonight was an amazing milestone: My first back and forth conversation with A. It’s funny when you can have a moment and realise right after it’s the first of it’s kind. I always tell myself, children are amazing (both as an attempt at sanity and as a truth)! Once they’ve learned something they don’t forget it. It was the same for when they learn to crawl and walk and wave “hi”, but tonight was something much more than any of those. Tonight was the moment A and I were able to connect on a more human level. To say one thing to the other in both word and sign and have the other understand and be able to respond to your needs. As I said before, once it’s been learned it won’t be forgotten.

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Oh Hi Again!

oh hi

Hey all! Sorry for the unexpected hiatus. I’ve invested in a new computer and am ready to delve back into the world of blogging! Hope you all enjoyed your summer, we had an awesome one this year! The perfect send off to my oldest munchkin starting school this year!

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We’re going on a Treasure Hunt


I don’t know about your family situation, but mine is a little bit nuts (the good kind, of course!), as in we have a large family full of.. eccentric, yet amazing, people who love each other dearly and birthdays can be kind of a big deal (especially first ones!). Now, being the lingerers of the family that we are, we stay, help tidy up a little bit and are the ones to bring home all the extra food and goodies when all’s said and done. So when my niece just had her first birthday, and my sister had some extra loot bags (I’m talking maybe 4 extra) at the end of the day, the munchkins we’re the ones to bring it all home.
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